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Action Research Project

Social institutions such as schools face challenges that may differ from one institution to another. Such issues demand a specific solution focused on the problem, thus conducting action research (Sendall et al., 2018). Action research is a form of deliberate inquiry that is conducted by practitioners to improve practices in an educational setting (Glanz, 2016). The research is then necessary for finding solutions for specific problems.

Academic performance and the cultivation of morals among learners are the main goals of any learning institution. The attention of the other members of the society can be drawn by the school’s failure in achieving these two objectives. This study is focused on the causes of consistently poor performance in national exams in Colaine secondary school. It also admits both boys and girls who have the potential of improving and making it academically. The school was ranked the best several years ago when it began but it has produced poor results consistently for the last four years with more than half of the students attaining below pass mark of grade C. Therefore, this study focuses on some the cause of this trend in performance.

I conducted action research by creating an open-ended question survey to use in determining the causes of the continued poor performance in the school. I considered teachers as the respondents since they had all-around knowledge about the school. They could explain the learners’ behavior, the administration, and teachers themselves, the school board of management, school facilities, and the school environment. The survey contained ten open-ended questions likely to reveal the problem leading to the cause of the poor performance in Colaine secondary school.

The questions contained in the survey are; what is the entry behavior of learners and to what extent was it different from their performance at end of the course examination? Which subjects were they performing better, and which ones were being done poorly? Was there a consistency in that trend of performance based on subjects? What were measures taken to improve the performance since the drop was noticed? Which strategies do teachers use in teaching? Which are the common teaching and learning resources in the school? Which facilities do the school lack, and are necessary for improving the performance? Which other roles do teachers undertake in school apart from teaching? How is student and teacher motivation embraced and realized in the school?  How do teachers relate with the administration and students?

Each of the survey questions would be useful in planning for strategies to improve the performance of learners. It is important to know the entry behavior of learners to know whether the results indicate a drop or an improvement, thus the effectiveness of learning in the institution. The knowledge on the performance per subject is necessary for determining areas of improvement, and specific teaching techniques required per subject.  Knowing the corrective measures used is essential in improving them or adopting others.

Teaching strategies and resources help determine the learners’ understanding and memorization of the content (Sudhakar, 2017). The school environment and facilities determine the students’ performance by ensuring they live in a learning-friendly environment for learning. The relationships matter in learning since it is a consultative process, while teachers have wider roles in ensuring the learner’s success. Poor performance may result from other factors that may need counseling or other forms of learner support.  

I would then use face-to-face means to conduct the survey, which would be completed by teachers in Colaine secondary school. The face-to-face means is more convenient for the teachers who are not interested in online surveys which may be costly. Face-to-face is my preferred to others since it shows the seriousness of the matter and creates trust between the researcher and the respondents. It would also be better since the respondents are confined in a commonplace thus being cheaper compared to other means.

The other processes of the research would then follow. The research would end with conclusions and recommendations that are likely to improve the performance of learners in school if implemented well. Therefore, the action research would help to solve the problem of poor performance in school.

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