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Hello All, teaching ELA is one subject that I will be teaching to ESL students. Including components of academic vocabulary, oral and written language instruction, offering consistent constructed platforms for reading and writing. Utilization of manipulatives, visuals, and incorporating brain breaks and time for reflection will be essential attributes as well. Breaking up content into chunks can lessen the overwhelming factor for this population as well. Teacher can preview text material, discuss, and highlight key vocabulary. The core focus is to be prepared and lay a solid foundation, or ‘plant the seeds’ for potential to evolve and success to occur.

The subject I plan to teach is ELA and the topic I will teach is sentence building. There are many ways to approach this but keeping in mind that the students are ELL they may need different manipulatives or visuals. What I would do to provide them with the guidance is first I would allow them to use prior knowledge and ask what they already know about building a sentence. Another scaffold I would put into place is called, pause, ask questions, pause and review. This allows the students reflect back on their work and understanding as they continue to work on new subjects. Giving the students time to think and ask questions can help them achieve and be successful in learning the English Language.

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Hello Class,

Scaffolding techniques can be a great tools for teachers to utilize within the classroom. One of the scaffolding techniques that I would want to make very apparent within my lesson plans and teaching would be including lots of visuals for the students. Things such as graphic organizers, videos and photos that correspond with the lesson, etc. are all ways I plan on achieving this. Another method I plan on also incorporating would be building off of students prior knowledge. This can go hand in hand with repetition since it is reviewing and going over what has already been taught to the students.

Part 2

Professor and class,

I feel that showing students different ways to learn make it a easier learning environment for all. I will be playing spelling games and journaling in my class. Using spelling with examples and meaning, vocabulary with hands-on activities that will help them associate the meaning, and phonics everyday. Even the best readers need help and reminder of the phonics rules. Posters with positive reinforcement and small group work will benefit the understanding of a lesson. I also would like to include music and making up songs to help the students with memorization.

We use spelling “around the world” games in our class that really works. Students really get involved in the competition and they tend to practice more to win.

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Some great materials for hands on activities would be counters for math or dice for the students to count up or down by the number rolled. A common activity for math is when the students are giving a certain amount of money and they are to count how much they have and go to the “store” to buy items and see what all they can buy with what they have. For ELA would have students toss a ping pong ball into a cup and read the word inside the cup. This is a fun interactive game that gets students excited to practice new words as they aim for the cups. Another ELA game is when the students roll a dice and hop to a space that contains a word and they say the word they are on. You can also to like a musical chairs where they walk on the spaces on the ground and when the music stops, each student takes turns reading the word they are on.


My mentor teacher plays a great dice game with her students. She has several different sets of wooden, handmade dice and they have different beginnings and endings. She calls them phonics dice. One dice has “at” on it and the other dice have just one letter. M,P,C etc. She has the students roll the dice and form a word, say it out loud and then they write the words in their writing journals. At the end of the week, she has the students pick different words from the word bank they have created and then they write a short story using a certain number of new words that they have found. I loved this activity because it has them do many different things with the same words. Rolling the dice is fun and engaging and then having to say the word out loud, write down and then think of how the word is used in a sentence, for your story. It keeps these new words in the front of the students mind, as they work with them throughout the lesson or week.
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