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This is for participation points in class, below is another students work. Read what they wrote and reposed to there post.

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Students main post: Re: Module 3 DQ 1

With a superficial interpretation of this discussion question, I would say that the broad differences between reading and writing would parallel the differences between mimicking and creating. When one is reading, he or she is verbalizing what is written in front of them. The pattern is laid out, but the reader must put those pieces and patterns (letter, words, sentences, etc.) to be able to read, do so coherently, and comprehend what is being read. Writing is more difficult, as now the individual is more dependent upon his or her self to pull those mechanics and create their own coherent sentence. To put those sentences together to create a descriptive narrative takes even more skill.

Word reading and comprehension are the two main components of reading which leads to the identification of written words; this is a skill exclusive to reading (Potocki, Ecalle, & Magnan, 2017). Being able to recognize words and to comprehend the words being read, especially when strung together to create a sentence are imperative to effective comprehension. When students experience a specific deficit in reading, interventions with phonological training and comprehension training are effective depending on the specific deficit being experiences (Potocki, Ecalle, & Magnan, 2017).

Writing requires slightly more skill, as this requires the individual to create and string together combinations of words to create grammatically correct sentences. Although different from reading, writing is still related. In terms of learning to read or write in one’s native language, the early the instruction begins, the better. The main approach in teaching one to read show lie within the timing. According to Hartshorne and Tenenbaum (2018), learning a language by age ten is crucial, as it was found that it is nearly impossible to become fully proficient after that point. From there, mental elasticity tends to decline rather rapidly. In short, it appears that the timing of instruction is most imperative to perfecting these skills.


Hartshorne, J. K., Tenenbaum, J. B., & Pinker, S. (2018). A critical period for second language acquisition: Evidence from 2/3 million English speakers. Cognition, 177, 263-277.

Potocki, A., Ecalle, J., & Magnan, A. (2017). Early cognitive and linguistic profiles of different types of 7- to 8-year-old readers. Journal of Research in Reading, 40, S125–S140.

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