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Choose 4 questions to answer.

1-What physical barriers helped to keep California isolated from European intrusion during its early settlement history?

2-How has California’s situation changed from the early Mission Days to present-day.

3-Explain some of the differences between the Sierra Nevada and the Peninsula ranges.

4-What role has the south coast of California played in the overall development of the state?

5-What factors make the San Francisco Bay region unique?

6-Explain the role the Mojave Desert plays in the overall configuration of California’s physiographic regions? How would you characterize its position?

7- Name some areas in California where intrusive igneous rocks occur and explain why they are there.

8-Mineral wealth exists throughout California, describe one of the areas where this wealth occurs, what type it is, and explain why it occurs where it does.

9-Where would you most likely find metamorphic rocks and explain why they are there.

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