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Please review the follow students post and reposed to post, thank you. : There is a direct relationship between working and long-term memory; however, there appear to be conflicting perspectives regarding the influence each one has concerning the other. Nonetheless, long-term memory and working memory have a working relationship. Due to the limitations on working memory capacity, long-term memory is necessary to encode information in working memory (Bruning & Lewis-Peacock, 2020). Miner et al. (2020) noted that familiarity associated with encoding relies on things of relevance in terms of comprehension as opposed to a lack thereof. Additionally, this familiarity added to more rapid processing at a larger capacity in comparison to those that were somewhat foreign (Bruning & Lewis-Peacock, 2020; Miner et al., 2020)

For example, long-term memory stores valuable information in encoding and subsequently increases the coded information in working memory. Conversely, working memory and long-term memory appear to complement each other. Inasmuch, memory performance has shown marked improvement when maintained in working memory; however, researchers continually assess ways to substantiate maintenance and retrieval of information following a break in continuity (Cotton & Ricker, 2020; Miner et al., 2020).


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