Child Observation Assignment

For this assignment, you will observe a young child. Please choose a child between the ages of 2 and 5 years old.

Then, complete the following steps:

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1) Before you begin your assignment you must:

Discuss this assignment with the child’s parent.
Inform the parent that you are not observing the child from the position of an expert.
Explain that you are a Lifespan Development student and are merely observing the child for a class assignment.
Tell the parent that you will not be using the child’s name in the report.
2) Observe the child for at least 1 hour.

You may not babysit or observe a child in your work setting.
You must try to stay as detached from the child’s interactions as possible! Kids are naturally curious, so it is fine to let them know what you are doing. But the less attention you give them, the less interest they will have in you.
3) Record any data related to the following domains:

Physical development
Estimate weight/height
Gross motor skills
Fine motor skills
Other physical characteristics or activities
Cognitive Development
Langauge use
Decision making
Social Emotional Development
Emotions (positive/negative and how handled)
Psychosocial stage (you must include this for full credit in this area)
Social interactions
Cultural Influences
Parenting practices
Multiple languages
Gender roles
4) Write a narrative report of what you observed of the child. Use complete sentences and paragraphs. In your report:

Introduction with child’s demographic information (age, gender, family arrangement – if known, and/or identify primary caregivers)
State that you received permission to complete the observation
Discuss observations and divide into sections based on
Physical domains
Cognitive domains
Social/emotional domains
Cultural influences
Be sure to use formal, clinical, development language in your report. The more specific vocabulary you use, the better!

The paper should be no less than 3 pages and double spaced. You do not need in-text citations for this assignment, as you will be writing about your observation and simply including vocabulary from the book.


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