Cobb, Jr., John B. (1991). Matters of Life and Death. Louisville, Kentucky: Westminster/John Knox Press. ISBN: 978-0-6642-5169-7

Cobb, Jr., John B. (1991). Matters of Life and Death. Louisville, Kentucky: Westminster/John
Knox Press. ISBN: 978-0-6642-5169-7

Fowler, Marsha, Editor. (2008). Guide to the Code of Ethics for Nurses. Silver Springs, MD:
American Nurses Association. ISBN: 9781558102583

Milstead, Jeri A. (2013) Health Policy and Politics: A Nurseas Guide (4th ed.). Burlington, MA:
Jones & Bartlet. ISBN: 978-1-4496-6509-8

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Zucker, Howard, Zucker, Marjorie, Editors. (1997). Medical Futility. New York: New York:
Cambridge University Press. ISBN: 0-521-56877-3

Journals: A journal entry on the assigned readings is due in drop box by 11:59 pm the day before class. The journal should be 1 2 pages in length and express the studentas thoughts, concerns, conflicts, and agreements with topics discussed in class. The journal should also discuss comments regarding how the discussion challenged previously held views and how their thinking was changed, or why their thinking is unchanged. Student will submit a total of 10 journal entries for the semester. You may select the weeks and topics you would like. Journal will be evaluated on thoughtful reflection, critical thinking, and logical reasoning. Journal entries are worth up to 20% of grade.

Personal Values Paper: This is a 5-7 page paper that is to reflect on your personal values that have been shaped by your religious beliefs, culture, personality, and professional values you have had or would like to hold. Values Paper is worth up to 10% of grade. Include each subheading.

Rubric Total 10%
Personal Values What are characteristics that I was taught as a child that are important to me? What are some of the characteristics of my personality that inform the way I look at things? Examples: hard working, resourceful, timeliness, goal-oriented, relational, physical, reflective, role in family, etc. 2%
Religious Beliefs What is my faith tradition and how has it informed by values? Do I accept everything that my faith tradition says or do I differ on some subjects? Why? If I am not part of a formal faith tradition, what are my beliefs about what human beings are meant to do and be in life. What gives me direction in life? How do I understand how I relate to others, the earth, and nature? 2%
Cultural Values How has my unique culture affected the things I value or donat value? How does my culture look at the roles of family members in decision making, authority, who gets information, what does quality of life mean? What are some of he values held tightly and taught in my culture: eg. Independence, dependence, communication, male/female roles, etc. If you are an immigrant, how has your values changed since living in the U.S? 2%
Individual Experiences What outside or environmental experiences have you had that have contributed to your values? Eg. Teachers, pastors, friends, living environments, etc. 2%
Professional Values What nursing values do you already highly value? Which are less desirable? How do you see your values applying to your nursing roles? How do you understand your ethical responsibility as a professional nurse? 2%

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