Crisis Management Study Questions

Crisis Management Study Questions

This week, you will be preparing for the next stage of the Four-Stage Framework.

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The activities address the second stage of the Four-Stage Framework described in the textbook: Strategic Planning

This area includes:

How can the organization plan for potential crisis events?
What planning has been done outside of the organization to prepare for potential crisis events?
Here, you will start analyzing the strategic plan of the company. You will be analyzing the company SWOT analysis, but through the lens of crisis management. This is often missed in most SWOT analyses, which leaves companies vulnerable and more likely to react than plan strategically, whenever they encounter crises (instead of a proactive mode that has plans in place for the various crises).

As you do the SWOT analysis, depending on the business, note that these areas are business and industry specific:

This week, you will do a SWOT analysis of your chosen company under the lens of crisis management and COVID-19.
You will list the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats and potential crisis events for each in dealing with COVID-19 (There should be a minimum of three for each one – Be detailed!)*
You will also ask the company representative if the company has a crisis management team and crisis management plan and what the plan entails (Secondary and tertiary questions will arise along with the flow of the interview and cannot be templated beforehand). If they have a team, ask who is in it, what training they had, how often do they meet? and so forth.
If they do not have either, then, that is your answer. But you can ask questions about what it does have for its crisis management.

For example, “What do you do if another crisis strikes? For example, What would you do if an earthquake hit this establishment?” They may not have a formal plan, but detail what they have thus far. (i.e., insurance, or any backup-plans if a disaster strikes).
Do the same with the CMP. Who devised the plan? How is it rolled out? Where is it posted? and so on and so forth
*For example for one strength:

Facebook, Inc.


Great brand name. One of the largest social media platforms in the world, and brands include WhatsApp and Instagram, Has helped change elections.

Potential Crisis:

Could lose Article 230 status and the government could break up the company, if it is deemed too monopolistic.

You may use a chart like this if you wish:

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