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DDT 110

Assignment: Petey Paper


This assignment will allow the student to analyze how ethics relates to service provisions for individuals with disabilities. According to Standard 15 of the Ethical Standards for Human Services Professionals,“Human Services professionals provide a mechanism for identifying client needs and assets, and assisting in planning and mobilizing to advocate for those needs at the individual, community, and societal level when appropriate to the goals of the relationship (National Organization of Human Services adopted, 2015).”This assignment fulfills the following learning outcome:

Student Learning Outcome:

Students will demonstrate knowledge of how ethics relates to services provisions, human rights, and access to services for individuals with disabilities.

Assignment tools:

  • Petey Book
  • Three peer review articles on ethics in disability services


The student will read the book, Petey, and three peer review articles on ethics in disability services and write a two-three-page paper in APA format discussing the following topics: Use three references from the peer review articles.

Please include the following subtopics: (Please include strong topic sentences for each paragraph, and provide supporting details.)

  • Introduction: Provide an introduction of Petey, and provide a strong thesis statement on whether or not ethics governed the services and treatment Petey received while living in his group home
  • List Ethical Concerns and Implications: Provide three to four ethical concerns and implications relating to Petey’s services and treatment.
  • Human Rights: Discuss whether or not you believe human rights were enforced in the book Petey.
  • Accessing Support Services: Make recommendations on the types of services Petey would have benefited from while in his group home
  • Conclusion

Submitting your Assignment:

Submit your assignment via blackboard


National Organization of Human Services (NOHS). (2015). Ethical Standards for Human Services Professionals. Retrieved fromhttp://www.nationalhumanservices.org/what-is-human…

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