Digital Marketing essay

Q1. The strategy for running a paid search campaign depends on multiple factors. Please, explain what can be the difference between running a campaign for a company that ships nationwide and for a local brick-and-mortar store that doesn’t provide shipping. Provide support to your answer using an example.
Main key points to pay attention to while answering the first question:
• Explain at least two differences.
• Your explanation should be clearly supported by the example.
• If necessary, attach the images / screenshots.

Q3. Neil Patel, a digital marketing guru, provides his views on how to maximize CTR (Click through rates).
Low CTR is a continuous challenge for companies in all sorts of business. A) How can you determine what is a “good” or “adequate” CTR in a consumer goods company? What factors stand behind that effectiveness? B) Provide an example of a good CTR standard in any consumer goods company i.e (Lululemon).
Main key points to pay attention to while answering this question:
• Answer both parts of the question.
• The is focusing more on the SEO part of CTR, but you can explain either SEO or PPC CTR. Please, be consistent in your explanation (do not randomly jump between SEO and PPC click-through-rates);
• Provide a clear example, use screenshots / images if necessary.

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Atleast 10 references (5 per each question)
APA 7th Edition
Total 1150 words (575 words per question)
Key Points to cover in both questions.
1. Theoretical support,
2. Example
3. Reflection
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