Earth Where Hurricanes Develop Rough Map Questions – Assignment Help

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Question 1 25 pts

Please draw a rough map that includes where hurricanes develop that hit North America and the path they take?

Question 2 25 pts

have hit the United States with drastic impacts on major cities. Please
describe one of the hurricanes that hit a coastal US city. Include the
year, time of year, name of hurricane, estimated damage in dollars, and
loss of human life.

Question 3 25 pts

Discuss how tropical cyclones or hurricanes develop, meaning how do they develop from tropical depressions to full hurricanes.

Question 4 25 pts

What is a storm surge and where is it the largest as the hurricane moves onto land?

Part 2, movie

The movie to watch this week is “The Perfect Storm.”

Question 1 25 pts

There are two storm systems involved in the movie. What are these?

Question 2 25 pts

Where is the Grand Banks and why was the Andrea Gail there?

Question 3 25 pts

The boat, Andrea Gail, experiences various problems. Which of these problems ultimately sunk the boat?

Question 4 25 pts

What other tragedies occurred in the film?

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