Education essay

Your written response to this discussion prompt assesses your ability to (a) describe the various settings in which special educators work and (b) communicate proactive solutions to lesson planning and teaching techniques that create appropriate learning experiences.
Cohen and Spenciner (2009) describe numerous settings in which special educators work in in order to provide a continuum of special education services within the least restrictive environment. Consult the Instructor Guidance to see a diagram and explanation of the settings.
Initial Post: Create an initial response, addressing each item listed below:
• Post an initial response contrasting two different settings where special educators work, ensuring that each setting comes from different categories. For example, you may choose the resource room from the public school setting and a charter school from the parent choice setting.
• In your own words, contrast the two different settings, including the role and function of the special educator within each setting. Include ways in which the special educator will collaborate with other educators and colleagues.
• Reflect on how a special educator will provide learning experiences for students with disabilities that are differentiated, developmentally appropriate, and challenging within both chosen settings. Your reflection must include details about what differentiated and developmentally appropriate learning experiences are, with at least one example that illustrates the importance of ensuring these types of learning experiences occur. The example(s) may be based on a personal experience or based on readings for this week.
In your initial post, refer to your required course textbook, as well as one outside source. See the Instructor Guidance for available sources.
Guided Response: Review the posts of your classmates and the instructor. Substantively reply to at least two peers who have chosen at least one different setting than you selected. Address any differences in your explanations and examples of differentiation and developmentally appropriate learning. If applicable, offer illustrations from your own personal experiences.
Though two replies are the basic expectation, for deeper engagement and application of the material, you are encouraged to provide responses to any comments or questions others have given to you (including your instructor) before Day 7. Be sure to ask questions of your peers to gain additional information and to meaningfully continue the discussion. This ongoing engagement in the discussion will deepen the conversation, while also providing opportunities to demonstrate your content expertise, critical thinking, and real-world experiences with this topic.
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