English assignment


Please note:
The Learning Coach meeting is an opportunity for you to improve your work. That means:
1) You should not wait till the meeting to begin working on the task. Instead, before the meeting, you should try your best to finish the task by following the instructions from class. Based on your completed task, Learning Coach will be able to try his/her best to check and comment on your work.
2) Also, after the learning coach meeting, you should revise your work based on the coach’s comments.
This is how you should use the learning coach meeting wisely to improve your assignment and maximize your grade.

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Worksheet 1
Planning my Personal Response
NOTE: Please read the essay assignment sheet carefully BEFORE filling out the worksheet. Then answer the questions below here. Pretend the worksheet below is a conversation with your instructor.

My Prompt (reading chapter) is: ( )

Part 1: Thesis Key Word & Paragraph Key Words
In your opinion, what is the most important thing that you learned in this chapter? Write your answer below.
Try to summarize this main idea with one word (or one expression). This will be your thesis key word.
Note: “True North”,” authentic leadership”, or “chapter 2 Losing your way”, “Chapter 3 Crucible” are NOT acceptable.

My Thesis Key Word (one word or one expression) is:

Can you think of two specific aspects of your above main idea (thesis key word) from the chapter? (i.e. what are two specific things in the chapter you noticed that prove your idea above is important). These will be your paragraph key words. Try to limit the aspect to 1 word each if possible.

My Paragraph Key Word 1 (aspect 1 for the first body paragraph) is:

My Paragraph Key Word 2 (aspect 2 for the second body paragraph) is:

Part 2: Thesis statement
Use the thesis key word and paragraph key words from above, and follow thesis formula as below, write your thesis statement for the personal response essay.
Follow the formula below to write your thesis statement:
(Thesis key word) revealed in Chapter ( ) of True North (reaction) through: (paragraph key word 1), and (paragraph key word 2)

My Thesis Statement is:

Part 3: Evidence for Body Paragraphs (Important quotes)
Think about the two aspects (paragraph key words) you wrote above. Can you find a “quotation” from the chapter that represents each of your ideas? These quotes will be the evidence in your body paragraphs.

Quote 1 from the reading chapter (for aspect 1 in first body paragraph) is:

Quote 2 from the reading chapter (for aspect 2 in the second body paragraph) is:

Part 4: Comparative Response for one of the two body paragraphs.
Consider the two aspects/quotations you wrote above. For one of the two, can you think of a public leader that represents this idea? This person can be a famous historical personality, a politician, business person, or celebrity. This leader should not come from your prompt (the book you are reading) or be someone you learned about in leadership class. It should be someone you know about from your previous education, experience, or knowledge of the world.
Who is the public leader that represents one of two aspects you wrote above?

What is the online source for this public leader?
· Paraphrase in your own words how this public leader can represent your idea (3-4 sentences):

· Reference:

Worksheet 2
Personal Response Body Paragraph
The purpose of this worksheet is to complete one body paragraph of your essay step-by-step using the course pack instructions.
My Thesis Statement is:

Write your assertion below. This should be only one simple sentence. Please don’t forget to use the thesis key word and paragraph key word as they are written in your thesis.

My assertion is:

Write your explanation sentence focusing on explaining your paragraph key word. Don’t forget to begin the sentence with a transition word/phrase as suggested in the course pack. This should be only one sentence.

My explanation:

Share evidence from the prompt that supports your key words. Don’t forget to introduce with a transition as suggested in the course pack, as well as context for the quotation (i.e. information about what the quote was about, who the speaker is unless the speaker was already introduced).

My evidence:

Write your discussion sentences below. This should include at least three responses, including the comparative response. Start with an emotional or intellectual response first. Don’t forget to begin the discussion with a transition as suggested in the course pack, and to also include an APA citation/reference for the comparison. Don’t forget to follow the steps for writing a comparative response as outlined in the course pack. This should be several sentences.

My discussion:

Write your connection sentence here. Don’t forget to begin with a transition as suggested in the course pack, as well as include the same key words from your assertion and a summary of what the paragraph discussed. This should be one sentence only.

My connection:
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