english Eassy

Topic: If I believe in something, is it incumbent on me to try to persuade other people to
believe in it too? Why or why not?
Due on Thursday May 20th , 2021
Below is the assignment instructions:
The essay must include Write these as header
1. Introduction: subject you will discuss (e.g., whether Socrates was guilty as charged)
2. Thesis: the main idea you think it is important to see (e.g., Socrates was guilty)
3. Defense of thesis: why you think this is the case (e.g., arguments for convicting
4. Review of counterarguments: why people might disagree (e.g., arguments for
acquitting Socrates)
5. Summary and conclusion: restating the discussion, the main argument and its
– Follow the same order. You need to write the above 5 as a header. Example:
paragraph ………
paragraph ………
The text requirements:
Minimum 5 pages
Double space
Times New Roman
12 font sizes
Useful notes:
Don’t only list the reasons. Provide an evidence. Why this is true or why this is false and why
people should believe it. Provide at least two to three resources. APA reference style
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