English essay

San Francisco is now facing a severe housing crisis. How does San Francisco change the existing housing problems of a large number of working-class people to avoid the displacement of workers? Is its approach the best? Are those approaches the best? How would you like to change them?

Though you will be informing your reader about the issue, its history, and how it impacts various stakeholders, your ultimate purpose is to persuade the audience to agree with your proposed call to action. In other words, how would YOU like to change your city?

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Read the book “How to Kill a City” chapters 7 to 9, author Moskowitz.

Search for 5 to 8 resources, their URLs must be from “gov. ,org. ,edu. ”

Request below:

Thesis-driven, and organized point-by-point.
Supported by textual evidence (quote or paraphrase) from Moskowitz’s How to Kill a City and a minimum of five outside sources. These outside sources must include at least one scholarly source (i.e., a peer-reviewed, academic journal article). Note that many students find they need more than five outside sources to write a successful essay.
Developed with at least one counterargument/ counter-perspective.
Formatted in MLA style, including MLA in-text citations and a Works Cited page.
8-10 pages in length.

the essay will be assessed based on the following rubric:

The essay expertly analyzes university-level texts, including How to Kill a City, showing awareness of rhetorical choices and synthesizing differing perspectives.

The essay is research-based, organized, driven by an arguable thesis, and employs critical thinking.

Sentences elegantly and effectively communicate the writer’s ideas, showing a strong understanding of sentence focus, structure, and development.

The essay integrates 5+ credible outside sources for support, consistently and accurately using MLA citation and Works Cited conventions.]

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