M454 Logistics Modelling essay

This coursework is worth 20% of the total module mark. Submission details: 1. Compile your answers to Problem 1, Problem 2 in a report, and submit it as a softcopy to the module’s Moodle website. Your report must be typed and the font size used must be 11 or greater. 2. Submit the SIMUL8 file from Problem 2, part b) in *.S8 format on the module‘s Moodle website. Please use your student ID number as your report and *.S8 file name (e.g. 351363.S8). Do not mention your name anywhere in your submissions. This is an individual assignment. Plagiarism or copying is not permitted and any offence will be dealt with under the University procedures. Throughout this assignment please use the following constants: u = The first two digits of your student ID number v = The third and fourth digits of your student ID number w = The final two digits of your student ID number (e.g. A student ID number 351363 gives u = 35, v = 13, w = 6
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