Nursing final reflection essay Assignment

Nursing final reflection essay Assignment

At the end of the course, you will synthesize your experience by writing a 3-4 page paper in which you address the following questions:

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1. What is your understanding of social justice? How did this course influence your understanding of social justice (if at all)? Explain how social justice frameworks central to this course (i.e., Catholic, feminist, non-western) influenced how you think about this issue.

2. How does what you learned in this course relate to your particular major and your potential career? What do you think your role as a responsible citizen in our society is, and will be in the future? Do you think you are more likely to engage in action for social change as a result of taking this course?

3. GSJ is one of four required “writing intensive” curses in what ways has this course helped you to develop your writing skills and writing process? Which piece of work from this course best illustrates your skill in writing?

4. What were the most effective learning experiences for you in this course? Why were they effective?

5. What is your perspective on The Reflective Woman and Global Search for Justice courses? Have they been_ _fitting bookends for your school education? What links do you see between the two courses? Please explain.

The Reflective Woman (TRW) and Global Search for Justice (GSJ) are the only two … the tools to drive systemic change. The lessons learned in TRW can be applied to any major program.

he TRW and GSJ courses were created with the intention of establishing two foundations. The first: to provide students the skills and tools they would need for a successful academic career at St. Kate’s. The second: to translate those skills and tools to use in their professional and life journeys. The universal nature of these courses helps unify students in a way that transcends the communities built within degree programs.

The intent, when TRW and GSJ were approved as part of the core curriculum, was to provide a more equitable learning experience for all undergraduate students attending the school. Each student would be grounded in the “why” of liberal arts, develop life skills, and question the issues faced outside of campus life that test individual measures of justice and ethics.

The strength, literally, is in the core. The teaching methods may change to fit the students’ needs, but the lessons they deliver will be constant: discovering, acquiring, and applying knowledge in the classroom and in life.

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