Orgasnizational Behavior And Theory

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This quarter our case study questions have worked to build your ability to apply course concepts to organizational events. Let’s wrap up our case studies demonstrating our mastery of our ability to apply course concepts to the Warby Parker case.

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In the Warby Parker case, we learn that the company had such a successful launch that “three weeks after its launch, Warby Parker had hit its first-year sales target. A week later, the waiting list amounted to more than 20,000 customers” (p. 6). Is the company poised for a tipping point, or does it experience one in the course of the case? Drawing on the three principles of tipping points from our video lecture, illustrate how Warby Parker is poised for a tipping point or experienced a tipping point.
Warby Parker sought to change the eyewear industry. Select one change that Warby Parker made from industry practices, and then applying our reading on Kotter’s 8-step model of change, consider how Warby Parker has led the change. How well do the company’s actions fit Kotter’s model of change? Would Kotter deem their approach successful?
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