ORGD6340 Discussion Question 1 essay

Chapter #8 describes 14 different faces of resistance, listed below.

Describe your experience in facing these different types of resistance.

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For this question, it is OK to draw upon different situations in which you encountered the particular form of resistance.

So, for each form of resistance that you have personally experienced in your life, briefly:

a. Describe the situation
b. Provide some specific information about the form of resistance
c. Describe what you think the underlying concern may have been that prompted the resistance, and why.
d. discuss picking up cues, non-verbal and verbal, that are signs of resistance.
It is recommended that you name the resistance, and make a statement or ask a question in a neutral, non-aggressive way.

For each form of resistance you have experienced, write a potential verbal response in a neutral, non-aggressive way.

The Faces of Resistance included are:

Give me more detail
Flood you with detail
Time Impracticality
I’m not surprised
Flight into health
Pressing for solutions
Other you may have experienced not listed above.

Example Answer:
Methodology and Attacking Situation: I was consulting for a General in the Air Force on a project to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of training programs. She was a good client, but we had a meeting with her boss, a three-star General, and some of his other Generals.

Form of resistance: He showed resistance in many forms, but asked an inordinate amount of questions about the methodology and data collection.

He questioned the credibility and the timeliness of the data.

Another General pointed that the data was his own, that his own people had collected.

In addition to over-questioning the methodology, he also was attacking by raising his voice and using an almost threatening tone.

Underlying concern: I learned later that he was threatened by the project because it had the potential to make it look like training wasn’t perfect.

Personally, I also believe he was trying to make the female officer look bad.

Methodology Sir, you are asking a lot of questions about the data.

Do you have concerns or doubts about the accuracy of the results?
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