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VISIO – Home Assignment


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1 The overview of the work should be like the diagram above 3
2 Design theme need to be ion 0.5
3 Choose the background to be flow 1
4 Name all the devices in the shape data window as well 1
5 Place a legend 1

3 The overview of the work should be like the diagram above
The headings in arabic is optional 1
0.5 Design need to be whisp 2
0.5 The decision box need to be coloured in orange 3
0.5 Place a separator as shown in the diagram 4

1- The overview of the work should be like the diagram below 3
2- Floor plan size : 10.80 m*10.60 m 0.5
3- Bed Room (1 ) size : 4m*6m 0.5
4- Bedroom (2) size 4.00m*4.00m 0.5
5- Design Theme : No Theme 0.5
6- Main Door: width: 1.80m, Height:2.50 m, open percentage :75% 0.5
7- Internal doors: Width: 0.90m, Height: 2:00m 1
8- Windows: 1.00 m*0.90 m, type: Hopper 0.5
9- Kitchen window: 2.00m*0.90 m, type: Louver 0.5
10- Insert container, Heading: Home Floor Plan, Color : Light blue 0.5
11- Page name: Floor Plan 0.5
12- Title: Home Floor Plan 0.5

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