PCC William a Galston the Blessings and Curses of Federalism Article Discussion – Assignment Help

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Please post an original current events for class discussion relating to the federalism by replying below. A current event is a news story that has been published, or broadcast that has a theme related to politics.

Current event grading rubric: 1 point for choosing a current and relevant article, 1 point for your article summary, 1 point for your chapter summary, 2 points for your analysis of how the chapter relates to the article.

You may use ANY news source for your current event, but you MUST copy and paste the link at the bottom of your response so that we can read it for ourselves if interested.

For maximum points you will need to submit a short summary of the article, a short summary of the related chapter in the textbook, and you own analysis of how the article relates to the concepts learned in the book. I suggest using a standard 3-5 paragraph structure: Opening paragraph, body paragraph(s) discussing the news article and the book chapter and a closing paragraph.

This is the online textbook you will need to refer to chapter 3 for the analysis. https://openstax.org/details/books/american-government-2e

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