Medical Negligence

Andrea, a licensed practical nurse (LPN), works in Dr. MacWhinnie’s private facility. She is instructed by Dr. MacWhinnie to prepare medications to give to a patient, Ms. Clarke, as he was extremely busy. Dr. MacWhinnie did not complete the informed consent form as required. The physician looked into the wrong patient’s file and asked the LPN to give the incorrect medication to Ms. Clarke. Ms. Clarke ended up seriously ill from complications from the medicine, including a stroke of the patient’s left side of his body.

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You will write a case study that is at least two-pages in length in which you address the following questions.

1) What characteristics of negligence do you see in this case on the part of the doctor or the LPN?

2) Why was it important for the patient, Ms. Clarke, to complete the informed consent, and what impact could not completing the informed consent have on Dr. MacWhinnie?

3) What arguments could Ms. Clarke use to justify bringing a negligence lawsuit against Dr. MacWhinnie?

4) Outline the steps Ms. Clarke would follow if she decides to file a negligence lawsuit against Dr. MacWhinnie.

5) Explain how Dr. MacWhinnie could defend herself against a negligence lawsuit.

Use an Online Library as one of your scholarly references to support one or more of your responses. Use at least three references in your essay. Adhere to APA Style when constructing this essay, including in-text citations and references for all sources that are used. Please note that no abstract is needed.
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