SOWK 342 Final Critique of Interviewing Experience

Guidelines: Final Critique of Interviewing Experience

SOWK 342

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Your final assignment is an integrating, 7-10 page culminating paper. Your integration of information from the textbook should be evident throughout the paper. Be sure to use APA 7th ed. style citation in your reference list and in the body of the text. Below is an outline which should serve as a guide to you for each section as you analyze your efforts during the interviews. Your paper can be divided into two sections.

1) Skill Demonstration Critique: The first section of your paper should be a thorough critique of your approach to engagement (eagerness and/or ambivalence about calling or meeting the interviewee and effects of these feelings), interviewing and assessment skills during the interviews. Cite the textbook or other sources you referenced in this course and integrate any other important information in readings or class discussions. The first two bolded questions are most important in analyzing your interview assignments so should be prominent in the paper. The other questions are guidelines to stimulate your thinking about your interviews.

A. What interviewing skills did you use, generally? For example, did you use the skill of clarifying purpose and role, prompting, or questioning?

B. Describe the skills/strategies you used in Interview #1 related to the Engagement phase and the Assessment skills/strategies you used in the Interview #2.

a. Reflect on Initial call and initial engagement interview– what was it like for you to call and meet the person and what do you think your approach was like for them?

b. What preparatory work, if any, did you do before seeing the individual for each of the two interviews?

c. Was the physical setting conducive to an honest, private discussion? If yes, in what ways? If no, why not? What, if anything, did you do to put the individual (and yourself) at ease?

d. Evaluate the questions you asked the individual along the following dimensions: Clarity, focused, open-ended/close-ended or multiple questions (double barreled) in one.

e. Did the individual reveal sensitive information or introduce any “taboo” subjects? or Did you sense the person wanted to share sensitive information but didn’t? How did you handle this?

f. Were there any differences between yourself and the interviewee? (i.e., race, socioeconomic status, educational level, age). Did those differences affect your ability to engage the individual?

g. As the first interview came to an end, did you attempt to contract for another session and summarize the session/come to a sense of closure?

h. Based upon your first interview with the individual, did you attempt to do anything different in the second session? If so, what? Were you successful? If yes, how? If not, why not?

2) Self-Reflection: The second section should include a general assessment of your own performance and learning, a brief honest discussion of your feelings and most importantly, a thoughtful, individual analysis and self-evaluation before, during and after the interviews. Think about and respond to the following questions.

A. Overall, how did you think you did in the sessions? What were your strengths? What were your limitations/challenges?

B. What do you want to improve regarding your social work knowledge, values, skills, cognitive and affective processes?

C. What did you learn about yourself through these interviews?

D. What was the most meaningful thing you learned about social work interviewing and/or assessment?

E. How does what you learned relate to working with people? (Think of the appropriate theories of development based on the age of your interviewee). Be as specific as possible.

F. What do you think was the most important thing accomplished by this interview?

G. What did you learn?

H. Were there things you would do differently next time you interview an individual? If so, explain why? (Please note that the response to this question may overlap with what you wrote in the first section—for this question, think about it from a self-reflective standpoint, not a task-oriented standpoint).

I. What do you think the interviews were like for the person interviewed? What indications do you have from the person on which to base this impression?

J. Add any other important information you think is relevant.

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