Technology in Your Life Project

The 3 parts of this project are designed for you to reflect on how you are using technology in your day-to-day life. How do you use technology and do you find it as something that is a great accessory to have or a necessary appliance? Are you addicted to your devices? Do you find them to be a huge benefit and something you cannot give up?

Part 1: Do


of the following


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  1. Eliminate or severely limit your use of consumer technology for a day. This means, no cell phones, tablets, television, streaming content, computers or other media. Make notes throughout the day (written…you can’t tell Siri to “take a note”) so you can reflect on this experience.
  2. Examine how much time you spend using consumer technology for a day. Take notes of roughly how much voice time, text messages, computing, and mobile device time spent. You should make a list of how you consume technology throughout the day – note your technology and the approximate time you use it during that interval.

    Include a screenshot of your weekly screen time report from your mobile device.

Depending on which option you choose, take down observations and thoughts of your experience. For example, if you choose to not use technology for the day, make notes of how difficult it has been to communicate and work in the world without it. Have specific examples to provide and how you worked around it. If you decide to use your screen time report, additionally, keep a log of how much you are using technology, you will want to make notes and observations on how much time you are using it and what you are using.

Part 2: Presentation

Use PowerPoint or Google Slides to create a 5 slide presentation that you will present to the class.

  1. Title slide
  2. What exactly did you do and why? Describe your experience.
  3. Results. What happened? What made you think during the course of your day? Were there any surprises?
  4. Consider what was discussed in class. Are you concerned about your behavior? Or do you find that your technology use is distracting your day-to-day life?
  5. Did this exercise inspire you to change any of your habits? Why or why not? Did you find this to be beneficial to you? Or just a waste of time?

Part 3: Reflection Summary

Write a detailed summary of what you did and your thoughts on the experience and covering the material that is in your presentation. This will provide you a chance to expand on your thoughts that you had in the presentation.

The summary must be:

  • 2 (full) pages – double spaced
  • APA format – 7th edition
  • 12-point Arial or Time News Roman font, double-spaced

Remember there is no right or wrong to how you feel. The purpose of this assignment is to get you to think about how you are using technology in your life and how it affects your relationships and your daily living. Whether you think positively or negatively about it, there is no wrong answer.

The goal is for you to develop an overview of your personal technology habits. How do they differ from what you did before the pandemic? What social media tools do you use? What apps do you download? How much time do you spend on the computer or tablet? Do you use technology for work or for fun? What technology “skills” do you have for future employment?

You will be graded and assessed on the content of your presentation and summary.  Did you fully fulfill the requirements?  Were you able to express your thoughts and feelings on your technology use (or lack thereof) effectively? Do you have a strong opinion about how technology is used in today’s world?



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