University of California Riverside Education and Health Care Reform Discussion – Assignment Help

I’m working on a sociology discussion question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

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There are two part to this discussion
post a response and comment on other’s post

Education And Health Care

This is an interesting section. This chapter discusses two topics that seem very different on the surface Education and Healthcare, but if you examine them deeply you will see how they are very similar in terms of race, class, and gender inequality.

Discussion Preparation:

  • Read Chapter
  • Watch the videos that are posted dealing with Education and Health Care Reform
  • Separate and unequal (Links to an external site.)
  • Sick Around the World (Links to an external site.)


  • Discuss how both social institutions are affected in terms of race, class, and gender(inequality and access) The Covid-19 Pandemic is a perfect way to discuss these issues.
  • Will reform ever be successful or are they designed to remain the way they are?

The difficult part of this discussion is when is enough enough. Do we continue to cheapen education? Where do we draw the line on how far we go to preserve life?

Remember to contribute to other students discussions
Classmate’s post (make a comment at least 50 words)

Classmate: Social institution affected in race because of criticism against other races. During the pandemic racism became very bad against the black lives matter movement. The social society started attacking a specific race and everyone started to become angry. The social institutions affect class because during the pandemic the lower classes were struggling to maintain supplies while people who had the money had it much more easier. The social institution takes a role In society because it tends to differ people amongst each other. Reform can be successful if people actually do something about it and speak up and then there could be a change.

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