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In the final step, students will use their findings from steps one and two to develop management recommendations for Muscovy ducks on campus. Students must complete this assignment individually, but students can discuss the human, physical, and biological values and impacts of Muscovy ducks on USF campus in their groups, if desired. Each student must choose one of the following recommendations: (1) advocate for the continued persistence of Muscovy ducks on campus at their current population levels; (2) recommend a reduction in the Muscovy duck population on campus; or (3) suggest that Muscovy ducks should be completely eliminated from campus. Each strategy will be accompanied by specific management strategies to achieve that aim, including examples that focus on habitat management activity related to the findings from step two and any other creative approaches that students think may be effective. Students will submit their final recommendations by answering the following questions:

(1) Clearly state your management recommendation for Muscovy ducks on campus. Specify which of the three options above you are recommending.

(2) Why are you making this recommendation? (one paragraph)

(3) What management strategies would you recommend if you wanted to decrease, maintain, or increase their abundance on campus? (provide strategies for each option)

(4) What would be the potential impacts of these strategies? (Discuss pros and cons for each solution you provide)

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