writing: complete the following prompt in attachment essay

Answer a total of three items in this section. If your answer is too short
then you have not answered the question, how? Your answer should be
at least a quarter of a page long per item. Do not forget to point out the
historical significance of each of the items you discuss.
1. Santa Maria Agreement, 2.Patrice Lumumba, 3. Lawrence
4.Front de liberation Nationale du Congo (FLNC), 5.Popular
Movement for the
Liberation of Angola (MPLA), 6. Jonas Savimbi
In answering the topic below, you must provide specific examples for
your argument. Your discussion should be at least two pages long in
1.What is known as the Cold War between the East and the West did
actually lead to instability and loss of many lives in Africa. Basing
yourself on EITHER the Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire or
Belgium Congo), OR Angola demonstrate how the Cold War played
out in either country together with its far-reaching political and
economic implication
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